Skagit Valley Snow Geese!

If you own Skagit County real estate or Whatcom County real estate, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful creatures who grace the fields of Skagit County as you drive on Interstate 5. Snow Geese are pretty hard to miss, especially when a large flock takes off at once! Approximately 55,000 of these amazing birds call Western Washington home during the winter.

You may not know it, but these birds travel great distances each year before returning to the Skagit River Delta from mid-October to early May each year — during the summer, most of these birds nest on Wrangel Island in Russia, northwest of the Bering Strait!

Next time you’re dozing in the passenger seat traveling on I-5 as you head home to Mount Vernon, Bellingham, or Ferndale, make sure you keep an eye out for these stunning snow-white visitors!

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