Bald Eagles in Mount Baker Neighborhood


Caught a lucky shot of this bald eagle resting in the trees near the Mount Baker neighborhood in Bellingham (before he decided he’d like a little privacy and flew to another tree). According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the bald eagle population has grown steadily in the last few decades in Washington State, from 105 nesting pairs in 1980 to over 650 pairs in 2001. Bald eagles love The Pacific Northwest, where they can feed on spawning salmon. Did you know that bald eagles don’t develop their distinctive white plumage until they are nearly five years old? Wow.

Those of us who live in Whatcom County never quite get accustomed to seeing such gorgeous creatures right in our backyards. To discover your own Whatcom County home in the heart of The Pacific Northwest, feel free to take a look at our hassle-free Pacific Northwest MLS Search.

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