Plenty to explore at Whatcom Falls Park!


This mother and child are enjoying the view from the bridge over Whatcom Falls (more photos of Whatcom Falls coming soon!).  Visitors as well as long-time Whatcom County residents come to experience the roar of rushing waterfalls — the pounding water is so loud, you can hear it the moment you step out of your car in the parking lot!  Though Whatcom Falls Park is located right between Whatcom Falls neighborhood and the bustling Puget neighborhood in Bellingham, the park’s fresh air and soothing sounds offer a quick getaway from the busyness of everyday life.  And for kids, this is an exciting place to explore the woods along the river (with a parent along, of course).

The Whatcom Falls neighborhood in Bellingham offers many opportunities to live with stunning natural beauty right in your backyard.  To see more, visit our Whatcom Falls gallery or use our free Bellingham MLS search.

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